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Just Kidz offers a web application to automate, centralize and communicate the data of children collected throughout the day. The simplicity of use and the time saved will increase the enthusiasm of the educators in your nursery and parents will love it! Request a free demo, it doesn't commit you to anything and we bet you will love it.

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Complete management of your workflow

Digitize your nursery!

The assistant of your educators

Digitize your work processes through a simple, intuitive and efficient application, no more paper! A clear way for nurseries to differentiate themselves and move into the air of digitalization and data processing intelligently to help and save time for their employees.

Direct communication with parents

Keep parents informed of the daily events of their treasure in an automated, transparent and professional way.

More than a software.

Reminders, alerts, indicators let you focus on the kids.

Make your nursery more attractive.

Your nursery in the area of digitalization and communication. Young parents are fans of their smartphones and the information immediately available.

Centralized children's records and data

Never has it been easier to capture and use data related to children. A real new way to manage your nursery's information.

Free on-site demo

Request a free demo within your nursery. You will be won over by the innovation!

The solution you need!

Here are the solution modules

An intelligent dashboard A configurable dashboard for each user. Indicators, alerts, statistics are there to help and assist your employees. A real professional assistant at the service of all your educators.

Child folder administration More than simply recording raw data, providing information on allergies, chronic diseases, taking the vaccine will allow the application to provide you with an intelligent analysis of this data throughout its use.

Alimentation tracking A simple and fast interface to note and communicate to parents what their child eats throughout the day. Detect in advance if the menu of the day can cause allergies to children.

Baby diaper tracking Always with as much simplicity, fill the information relating to the baby’s diaper. Alert the parents in case of problematic diaper found and follow your diaper stock in real time.

Napping tracking In order to follow naps, baby rest, on the same principle, very simply fill the information and get a summary of the day at a glance.

Manage health events This very complete module makes it possible to manage the daily health events of the child such as the symptoms observed, the temperature measurements, the administration of medication. This allows parents to be notified as they go along. In this same module you will manage the ongoing treatments of children, whether for an allergy or a chronic disease indicated in the child’s health card or for a passing illness. Parents receive information on taking these drugs for follow-up. Actions are carried out with a few clicks.

Manage presence Child check in and check out function, lets you know which child has arrived, still there or gone. This module is also based on the contractual presence data of the child to know if the child is supposed to be present that day or not. This module also provides for the management of the child’s absences. For example, from outside, in case of a fire alert, you have the list of children still present in the nursery. The educators can also add the child’s activities throughout the day. This allows you to keep in touch with the parents by communicating their child’s activities to them within the nursery.

All your communication in a single point of control Manage all your communications with the parents in a few clicks, the morning communication of the parents, the evening summary available in one click when the parents come to pick up their children, up to the management of the more complex communications requiring validation by the parents. No loss of information regardless of the educator in place at that time. Sending communications is possible individually or by group.

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Specific prices are applied for mini-nurseries, parental assistants and nurseries under development.
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The emerging application can only improve over time, new modules are already planned. By subscribing to our offer, you benefit from corrective but also scalable updates.
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We work to make your daily life easier, to bring information and communication systems to level up your company and your image. The benefit of digitalization today is no longer to be proven!
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So for an affordable price and adequate support, get started and get quickly the benefits of digitalization.
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